Control Panel Sign-in Integration Fixed + Google / Facebook / Twitter Sign-in Enabled

  • Friday, 6th October, 2017
  • 23:07pm
For quite some time we were struggling with an issue where WHMCS (our order and billing software) and cPanel (our website control panel software) could not process logins between eachother which was an unfortunate nuisance to our users. The troubleshooting steps that both companies came up with didn't work but we through some extensive trial and error we were able to finally get this functionality working again.

Since we were able to get this working we decided to even further integration our two main customer-facing pieces of software. Now cPanel control panels will allow for one-click access to WHMCS and WHMCS will allow for one-click access to cPanel. No further logging in or remembering which password is which! But that's not all--we also added Google, Facebook and Twitter authentication support so you can sign up or sign-in to your account using any of the aforementioned services.

Lastly, we resolved an email piping issue which caused some problems where support emails were properly forwarded but tickets were not always being automatically generated.

We thank you for your patience and continued service.
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