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Unshadowed Dedicated Server PHP Info
Intermittent downtime due to DNS changes (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - Unshadowed Dedicated Server

  • 06/09/2013 14:18 - 06/11/2013 11:52
  • Last Updated 06/09/2013 17:28

Although our new registrar assurred us otherwise, we experienced some brief downtime today while we transfered to our new registrar where we are conslidating all of our domain registrations. Due to the way different ISP's cache DNS, our users may or may not have actually experienced any outages but we apologize for any inconvenience. No further downtime is expected.

Mail and MySQL database issues (Resolved) High

Affecting Server - Unshadowed Dedicated Server

  • 03/25/2013 22:00 - 03/27/2013 11:00
  • Last Updated 03/29/2013 23:14



On Monday night we received a report that sites dependent on MySQL databases were no longer loading, including We responded and found that the /var partition had reached 100% utilization, which prevented MySQL and Mail services from running. We were able to remove some non-essential server logs to get the utilization under 100% and services restored. After midnight EST we shut down MySQL and moved all of the databases out of the /var partition and into /home, and created a symlink between the old and new MySQL location. This brought the utilization back down under 50% and services restored immediately.


NOTE:We have received two reports of MySQL databases that were corrupted during the move. These were easily fixed from within cPanel (under MySQL) by running the repair toolthere. If you are receiving "unable to connect to database" or similiar errors please try the repair tool and contact us right away.




This morning we received reports that mail servers were down. We investigated and found that the /var directory and become 100% full again. We investigated further and found that one of the accounts we host had been compromised and used for sending spam. The offending account was suspended and more room was made in the /var directory while we continue to investigate and monitor the cause of the high utilization.