Old Account Deletions

  • Sunday, 3rd February, 2013
  • 06:13am

We just completed a major cleanup on the server today. We deleted 840 old accounts that we believe are no longer being used, freeing up significant amounts of space on the server for new accounts and upgrades. We made a list of all of our accounts that are over a year old, and then compared them to a list of our accounts whose domains did not resolve to our server's IP addresses a year ago. We then compared those accounts to a list of domains that do not resolve to our server's IP addresses today, and then deleted those accounts that were in all three lists. We believe that this is a fair way to determine that an account is no longer in use, but if some reason you believe your account was deleted by mistake please contact us right away. We will retain backups of all of the deleted accounts for 30 days.

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