.NET domain pricing increase Feb 1st 2014

  • Friday, 27th December, 2013
  • 20:00pm
We regret to inform you that on February 1st 2014, Verisign (the organization in charge of all .net domains) will be raising their fees on all .net registrations, renewals, and transfers by $0.56. These costs have been transferred to us, and to avoid selling .net's at a loss on February 1 we will be increasing our charge for .net registrations, renewals, and transfers to $11.00/year. To avoid paying the increased price please renew, register, or transfer your domain to us prior to February 1st. You can lock in the lower pricing now for up to 10 years.

Click here for more information on our domain pricing policy and fees. In the interest of transparancy, we provide all of our domain registration costs, credit card fees, and net profit information to the general public.
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