Why am I seeing a Bandwidth Exceeded page when visiting my website? Print

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To prevent abuse and over-utilization of server resources, each account has set monthly bandwidth limits. Bandwidth is the amount of transfer (upload and download) from your account. So each time someone downloads a 1 megabyte image file from your domain, it counts as 1MB towards your monthly bandwidth usage. On the 1st of each month, your bandwidth usage is reset to zero. You can view all of your domains' bandwidth usage and limits from the client area or individually from your cPanel control panel. When you go over your monthly bandwidth limit your account is temporarily suspended.


To have your account unsuspended please contact us and we will manually raise your bandwidth limit for free. If you currently have a Free account, please consider upgrading to a Premium account which comes with 100 times the monthly bandwidth limit and disk space of a Free account. Follow these instructions to upgrade and your account will be unsuspended automatically.

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