Do you allow reselling of your services? Yes. If you're a website designer or someone else who can benefit from reselling our services... Are there any types of domains you exclude from hosting? What about .tk, .cz.zz or other free domains? As long as you adhere to our TOS, Privacy Policy, and Hosting Policy, there are no restrictions... Do you do website design? No. We're not very good at it. It seems like everyone's a webdesigner these days, so you should... Do you store my credit card information on your server? No. Your credit card information is never stored on our server. Using the default Credit/Debit... I represent a non-profit organization or cooperative. Are there any special perks for me? Yes! We love non-profits and co-ops! We'll give you free premium hosting for life. All you have... I've seen other hosts offer unlimited; bandwidth and disk space. Why don't you offer the same? We don't offer "unlimited" bandwidth and "unlimited" disk space because infinite space hard... If I already have a website, is it easy to move it over to Unshadowed? Yes. All you have to do is upload your files to us, which you can do via FTP or our control... If the hosting is free, why/what do you charge for domain name registration? We wish it wasn't the case, but domain name registrations inheritantly cost money. We offer... So if I'm a free user and I run out of resources, what happens? Do you I have to upgrade to the Premium service? No. Just contact us about the problem and we'll upgrade you for free. We just want to make sure... So wait, you'll just upgrade people for free, even if they never pay you anything? Doesn't that open up the service to abuse? Does it open up potential for abuse? Probably. But that's now how we see it. People pay for our... What are your Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy and Hosting Policy? Terms Of Service   Accepting the Terms You may not use our services and may not accept the... What if I want to transfer my domain that I registered with you, away from Unshadowed? Will you try to keep it or charge me something? Nope. Any domain you purchase through us is owned by you. We want to keep you happy, but in the... What's your server running? Our dedicated server is a quad-core 3.1 GHz Intel i5 with 2 x 1 TB SATA hard drives in a RAID-1... Who qualifies for free hosting? Individuals, musicians, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, religious... Why do you require my name, address, and phone number when signing up? The short answer is the software we use requires these fields for payment regardless of whether... Will you insert ads onto my site? No. Never.
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