If the hosting is free, why/what do you charge for domain name registration? Print

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We wish it wasn't the case, but domain name registrations inheritantly cost money. We offer domain registrations, transfers, and renewals for a variety of domains. You fully own the rights to your domain and you have the option to manage your own DNS, change your nameservers and more. If you already own a domain, our free hosting service won't cost you a penny. We want to give you the best and most straightforward pricing so we charge whole dollar amounts and as our costs rise and fall we adjust our pricing so we never make more than $1/year on your domain purchases.

In the interest of transparancy, we provide all of our domain registration costs, credit card fees, and net profit information to the general public. As of 10/15/2018 our costs and credit card fees for domain registrations, transfers, and renewals are as follows:

Domain We Charge Cost Fees* Net Profit
.COM $10.00 $8.78 $0.59 $0.63
.NET $13.00 $11.49 $0.68 $0.83
.ORG $12.00 $11.29 $0.65 $0.06
.CO.NZ $19.00 $17.99 $0.85 $0.16
.INFO $12.00 $10.97 $0.65 $0.38
.EU $8.00 $6.89 $0.53 $0.58
.BIZ $13.00 $11.57 $0.68 $0.75
.US $9.00 $7.45 $0.56 $0.99
.NAME $10.00 $8.79 $0.59 $0.62
.CO.UK $8.00 $7.09 $0.56 $0.38
.IN $11.00 $9.62 $0.62 $0.76
.UK $8.00 $7.09 $0.56 $0.38

Don't see the type of domain you're looking for? We actually can sell hundreds of other types of domain names. You can check out what we can sell and how much each domain costs us by going here. Click on "Domain Registration Pricing" (we don't use any of their other services), and then click on "Tier 5" to see what each domain costs us. Add in credit card processing fees (listed below) and round up to the nearest dollar and you have our price. Please contact us and we'll be happy to add any of these domains to our inventory.

*We are charged 2.9% + $0.30 on each credit/debit card transaction on cards within the United States. Paypal charges extra for credit and debit card transactions on cards from outside the United States. Stripe, our default credit/card payment processor, charges us the same rate regardless of the user's country. Coinbase, our bitcoin payment processor, charges a 1% fee to convert from Bitcoin to USD.

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