New Verisign .NET pricing effective February 1st 2015

  • 27th January 2015
Unfortunately, Verisign is increasing their .NET pricing effective 1st February 2015 by 61 cents. Accordingly, we will be raising the rates for .NET domains to $11/year in order to not lose money on each domain. This will be for all registrations, renewals and transfers. If you have any questions about this please see our domain ...
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Pirated themes, plugins and scripts usually contain backdoors - don't use them!

  • 1st December 2014
This is a reminder that you should never use pirated (or "nulled") theme, plugin, or other script. You shouldn't be using them any way, but stolen software often contains backdoors and other malicious code designed to steal your passwords and otherwise distrupt your account and the server as a whole. Unshadowed utilizes an advanced firewall and ...
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Domain privacy will now cost $2/year

  • 29th September 2014
Unfortunately, as of October 6, 2014 the registrar we resell through is changing their policy so they will be charging for their domain privacy feature. Since we can no longer provide this service for free, the new cost for this service will be $2.00/year. This applies only to domain renewals, transfers, and new domain registrations. As always, ...
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.NET and .EU domain pricing decrease

  • 14th July 2014
We have reached NetEarth One's tier 4 domain reseller status, which gives us better bulk pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfers. In accordinance to our domain pricing policy, we're passing those savings along to you. Effective immediately, .NET domain domain registrations, renewals, and transfers will now be $10/year and ...
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