I've seen other hosts offer unlimited; bandwidth and disk space. Why don't you offer the same? Print

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We don't offer "unlimited" bandwidth and "unlimited" disk space because infinite space hard drives and infinite speed internet connections have yet to be invented. Once they are available we will be sure to purchase them but in the meantime we are stuck with hard drives and connections that are measured by the gigabyte.

What you're really getting from these "unlimited" services is restrictions and limitations that are unclear or buried in the host's Terms of Service (TOS). Many of these hosts throttle bandwidth and CPU usage and restrict the kind of content you can upload. We give clear definitions on how much bandwidth and disk space you can use so you can use your hosting the way you want. Plus, we give out free upgrades by request. We're just trying to make sure our website hosting community properly distributes its resources among ALL of our customers without relying on misleading marketing speech and fine print.

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